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    4400/250-150TPD Kraft Liner Paper Fourdrinier Machine

    4400/250-150TPD Kraft Liner Paper Fourdrinier Machine

    Product Description

    Output paper Kraft test-liner paper

    Paper basis weight range: 120-180g/m²

    Trim paper width: 4400mm

    Rolled paper width:4460mm

    Daily capacity : 200t/d(calculated on 125g/m², 250m/min)

    Working speed:250m/min

    Designed speed : 300/min

    Wire width: 4650mm

    Headbox slice lips width : 4800mm

    Rail gauge:5500mm(subject to the actual design)

    Drive way: AC frequency conversion speed adjusting, section drive

    Dimension: Single storey layout

    Dryness of each part: Outside wire part 20-22%


                     Into dryer 46-48%


                           Out of front dryer part 92%

    After glue sizing 62-67%

    Final paper dryness 92%

    Lateral shrinkage:          3-5%

    Compressed air pressure: 0.6MPa

    The max item weight:~23T

    Dimension: 91000×13000×85000(length×width×height)

    The raw material available : Waste paper carton

    Finished Products

    Company Information

                                                  Company introduction


    Qinyang Jinde machinery factory is a high-tech enterprise for paper making machinery and pulping equipment. We are major in producing kinds series of paper making machine, such as high speed tissue paper machine/ single-cylinder single-wire, multi-cylinder multi-wire, long wire, haba wire etc. We newly developed high speed tissue paper machine, long-wire multi-cylinder paper machine and surface sizing machine etc which have good product performance and stable quality. Raw material such as waste paper, printed corner materials, books, newspapers, cardboard paper, finished wood pulp, wheat straw ,bamboo, reed etc which can be recycling and produce tissue paper, high strength corrugated paper, burning paper, firecracker paper, writing paper, newspaper, Kraft, linoleum base paper and so on.


        With a strong technical force and sophisticated processing equipment, we provide high-quality products. The production process is strictly controlled, the products tested before leaving the factory, organized post sales service by technicians. Pre-sales service and after-sales service guarantee the performances of our equipments. Our products is sold to all over the country and exported to Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Russia, and Kazakhstan,Uganda, South Africa,Romania, Egypt, Malaysia etc. We stick to our faith and practice to our customers so as to gain more reputation in terms of practicability and performance price ratio from our customers.


        “quality gold, integrity shuter” is our business concept, we warmly welcome friends and customers all over the world come to discuss business, work together, support each other andseek common development, creat brilliant paper-making industry!

    The factory pictures

    The production workshop

    Packaging & Shipping

    1.The dryer is packed with wood chips for protecting its surface 2. The large diameter roll is packed with wood chips. 3. The steel rolls are packed with plastic film and straw ropes 4. Speed reducer, oil station, and suction box, hydraulic station is packed with wooden box. 5. Electric control cabinet is packed with three-ply board box 6. Some parts are nude cargo



    Our Services


    1.Pre-sales Service Offering comprehensive technical and business consultation services; Proposing the most suitable scheme and equipment for our clients; Designing and fabricating targeted products according to the special requirements of clients; Training periodically high qualified service technician.

    2.After-sales Service

    *Highly inspecting equipments in every working procedure, quality comes first; *Fast & Safe Delivery; *Assisting our clients for foundation construction of equipments; *Dispatching engineers to install and debug equipments; *Training the first-line operators on site; *Regularly visit clients to solve production problems; *Providing life-long maintenance service; *Providing technical exchanging;