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    High Speed Tissue Paper Machine

    High Speed Tissue Paper Machine

    First, the main technical features and specifications:
    (1) Instructions for use: toilet paper, paper napkins.
    (2) Net paper width: 1092-3600mm
    (3), Chaozuo weight: 13-30 g / m2
    (4) Working speed: 220m / min
    (5) The design speed: 250m / min
    (6), Nissan capacity: 2-10 tons
    (7) Transmission: Distribution transmission, frequency control
    Second, toilet paper production flow chart
    Waste paper books or puree - → high concentration of hydraulic pulper - → shaker - → slurry tank - → washing machine - → slurry tank - → efficient Desanding refiner - → slurry tank - → centriscreen - → Grit dish - → cages - → drying - → coiling - → rewinding and perforated embossing machine - → saw machine - → packaging

    Raw materials: scrap book paper deinking pulp or virgin pulp

    Finished paper

    Auxiliary equipment
    Rewinding and Perforating calender
    Description: Embossing Rewinding and Perforating machine is a large roll according to the required number of layers for automatic rewinding and perforated. The machine uses spiral cut dashed soft knife fight, with automatic trimming, gluing and sealing sync once completed, finished in rewinding process to achieve loose, multi-level different tightness after the first tight, with breaks, torn edge automatic monitored alarm system, knife loss, low noise, and embossing punch clear, that is broken, tightness, section length, weight can adjust as needed. Embossing systems using point-sided embossing, soft, a clear pattern is obvious.

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    ♥ Pre-sale services
    1. We offer free advice on papermaking technology for you.
    2, we will be free to send engineering and technical personnel to the site to design your plant, according to your actual situation design a reasonable layout. You only need to provide a piece of land.
    3, if you choose our equipment, will not have any worries.
    ♥ Service
    1, all products using a comprehensive computer-aided design (CAD)
    2, all the equipment will be completely assembled in a factory assembly line test. To ensure that there is no shred of difference.
    3, all three bags for one year, if the device is any quality problems within one year by the factory's expense. Except for man-made disasters.
    4, we will arrange with extensive experience in papermaking engineers to the scene to guide the installation for you, debugging equipment, technical personnel to operate teach you the entire line production line.